17h30 Monday
09, May
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  1. Mpumelelo


  2. lebogang nkoane


  3. yizzi25

    what's interesting is that this guy was facing directly this http://75.co.za/yizzi/2011/01/25

  4. Diaan

    :( Just today I saw an elderly white guy try to move a homeless man out of the street so that the cars wouldn't trample him.

  5. Palapala

    Very sad,but he have nation.

  6. Sthe Ngcobo


  7. Sthe Ngcobo

    where did it go wrong....?
    How did we go wrong...?

  8. Native Soul

    reminds me of my project i put on hold,
    twas also making documents of the peeps of the street.

    I know this side street well, was my quick cut through the city.
    dem folk have der headquarters around here ---- a happy group
    no matter the reality.

    big love

  9. æ


    it would make an interesting bed ad...


  10. Buchu

    @ae... wackness, bra
    Strong pic. The car at the top right bothers me a bit..
    well done Yizzir

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