light vs darkness.

light vs darkness.

This photograph is inspired by an essay I read recently.


09h32 Thursday
13, May
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  1. Greer

    nice one yizzi.
    what's the essay about???

  2. Uno

    Yo, yo,'re gettin better and better everyday...what a great image!

  3. Palapala


  4. Erika Mendes

    veery good one

  5. yizzi25

    @shy1 , it's an interrupted thought by @ltdn

  6. Sam Buk

    great shot.

  7. NguJaz

    two registers -- nice!

  8. Buchu

    Snap! looks like a frame from a moody graphic novel...
    Great Work.

  9. Greer

    yizzi, could you straighten this image? make the lines parrallel? i think it would be stronger. this is a great great work though. love the proportion, the lone figure, the line in the parrallel walkways, the detail in the clouds and the mountain in the distance...

    a request: could you send the original to me? I'd love to make this into a print.

  10. yizzi25

    @shy 1, sure -- just gimme a shout on and i will send it to u :)

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