1. NguJaz

    i think you have an amazing eye. you have really topical subject matter

  2. xClusive*


  3. Makhosini Motha

    Dude you making me cry. I feel like a father watching his child die...i come from a taxi family background....The first car i drove was a taxi...i know how to drive because of a taxi. I am looking and i am feeling pain.....!thought this day will never come!.

  4. saladFINGERS

    To the 5'ive steel panels that house'd amaFour4, to 7year old that mama claime'd he was 5 - chisa ndunu,
    to the back seat window that neva open in hot summer day, yet refused to close on a cold winter morning, to the fucken 1 wiper that jame'd half the hail storm, to that front seat counting the fares with your rusty maths, that fat mama with 3 suit packs of duvet covers, the drunkard ko'back seat who neva stope'd talkin and his friend who desperately needed a piss,the dude who didn't brush his teeth and all he wanted from this life time was to talk to you all the way, to the taxi drive that said "eTaxi ephelela la", to all the fuckers that always cutte'd the queue(am sad to be 1 of them), to time when it caught fire, the 1 wheel came off, to time ypu thought "there's no fucken way we're going to make" and the other time you thought "Shit traffic, but then am in a taxi, i'll make it, early nogaal. The time you hooked with that beautiful chick and you wished the ride could be long". The time you were 50cents sort and kakin' in pants after being promised to be reunited with u'r long past grand mother.

    For this time and all the other times.Dust to dust, steel to steel.

  5. Bafana

    Interesting Buddy/Profile Icon...?

    Complexion issues?


    ha ha. when shit happens!

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