In space

In space



"(...)Things are not as they seem.
We hover above while giving the appearance of scurrying below.
All is as it should be.
We are more than we know.
More than we hoped and dreamed,
A generation of generators,
A power source and supply.
The better we learn to live,
The better we learn to die.
Old as anything,
Old as everything,
We are participants in a ritual
Older than our collective memory,
A marriage of heart and mind,
Secular and divine.(...)"


Excerpt from "Pedagogue of young gods"

by Saul Williams



12h49 Monday
11, February
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  1. onelove

    Really like this. Like how you reinterpreted the idea.

  2. Uno

    Just for clarification: both photos made at the planetarium, the one on the left is of a black door with punctured holes that represents space and stars/planets, the one on the right is the world I discovered when I looked through the hole with the red ring around : )

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