Parabéns Palapala!

Parabéns Palapala!

Happy birthday palapala!

17h16 Saturday
27, February
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  • Caplio GX100
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  1. Palapala

    Thank you for having dedicated the picture to me.
    Tau is a beautiful boy.
    Thanks to all of you.
    The photo look great

  2. Sam Buk

    great tribute to a photographer whose work i enjoy a lot
    parabens palapala

  3. lebogang nkoane

    Word — ha'pi befday!

  4. tyga

    Happy B'lated BesDay! :)

  5. MothMan

    happy birthday sir.lovely shot UP

  6. Buchu

    Cool beans!
    Happy Birthday Mr Pala

  7. Khumbelo

    very cool shot...

  8. Greer

    happy belated pala!

  9. The Graduate

    Ag Moeder!! [ :) please ask 1Love for translation, but I'm sure you know it already...) lovely pic!

  10. NguJaz


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