Eye + Summer = Heart

Eye + Summer = Heart
10h53 Tuesday
30, September
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  1. seilatsatsi
    dope pic. Gotta love family man
  2. lebogang nkoane

    Twiggle, you and I (and any other 'grapher who is keen) need to be in the same place and shoot --- I think it be a dope-take on seein' how dope it would be.

    *paying rent got me inspired. ;-)
  3. twiggle stix
    Man im trying to be just like you (inspired), right now you can call me Joshua doors cause im selling my shit like a crackhead to make that rent.

    That will be dope, im down, name the place and time i'll be in there like womens underwear.......

    Im gonna have a house-Warming in november i'll put you and 75 on about further details.
  4. lebogang nkoane
    Word, word, word.

    i think we need another 'session' --- next year April, is too far, i think we need another get-together very soon.

    This time we should have a cape-town and jozi simultaneous sessions --- infact even those over-seas should get-together.

    What say, y'all?

    *salivating with excitement
  5. noidSyStems
    Nna ke daar ... ka shot le bermuda ...

    dope shot TS ...
  6. Khumbelo
    flip this is dope.
  7. seilatsatsi
    im down for the meeting.
    blak unicorn
    I'm where the good times are at!! Hot shot, family love yo!
  8. Stefanie Jason
    i dig his eyes under that 'sporty'
    -looking like a thief in the night...
    twiggle, i'm loving ur pics man... too tite!!
  9. ntsasa
    twig, love the shot.
    love the simultaneous get together too.
  10. Di1
    AAHHHH, do another in dec/jan so can join.... PWETTY PLS!
    Dope take twiggle
  11. æ
    heritage day's for posers... lol
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