Rolling in Dough.......

13h24 Friday
30, May
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  1. ntsasa


  2. Khumbelo

    LOL, on a 20'bucks note...

    nice one.

    nina sum1

    ^ ^ ^
    rolling in that big dough ne!?!
    (Ballin' -'Jim Jomes Voice')
    Nice title!

  3. noidSyStems

    Patrice Motsepe wants to get young people into mining ...
    He should be owning laboratories to experiment in producing marijuana products ... NOT TO SMOKE IT (well its A OK) ... Thats the solution to poverty in Africa ... From food, clothing, .... man F it what ever you can think of ...

    King Swati is sleeping!

    snaped ...

  4. yizzi25

    rolling tha joint on the rand dude? --- not cool!
    that's seriously F-d up!
    i would understand if it's the zim dolla maybe, but not the ZA rand!

    anyways, dope photo!
    is that CHE in that lady's top?

    *contemplates even more!



  5. æ


    on the money...


    i guess when you are out and about, you godda use what you have.

  6. ntsasa

    Saw Twiggle on TV @1am this morning telling every1to check out 75! Not bad looking ne?

  7. Bareng Rakuba


  8. Bareng Rakuba


  9. Bareng Rakuba

    Keep on rollin.

  10. twiggle stix

    Ntsasa, where was this?
    Where do you stay?
    Goodlooking out, thanks!

  11. lebogang nkoane

    yeah, *Stix where was this?

    sharing is caring.


  12. æ

    ayeye twiggle stix!

    blak unicorn

    hola twiggles! nice

    nina sum1

    N1 stix!

  13. twiggle stix

    Its the SABCInternational i did On friday.
    Im still tryin to find out Where Ntsasa lives?

  14. ntsasa

    twiggle i live in the world *my mommy said i musn't tell strangers where I live*. SABC Africa is available everywhere if you have satelite.

  15. ntsasa

    even if you don't have satelite...

  16. twiggle stix

    In wat city do you live in?
    We didn't pick it up in Joburg!

  17. æ

    where were you twiggle stix?

  18. æ

    vital clue there... "we didn't pick it up in Joburg!"

  19. twiggle stix

    Im out in bryanston but reside out in northcliff. I trust we are no longer strangers........ besides the fact that we don't use our own names expect for Lebo and Daniel.
    And you AE?

  20. ntsasa

    ok, ok *mom is so gonna kill me*
    I live in cape town. odd that there's no SABC Int in JHB!!!

  21. lebogang nkoane

    ahhaahhahahahahahhaha! --- fooled you all!

    "lebogang nkoane" is not my 'real' name --- its an AlterEgo.

    *dr evil laughter!

  22. æ


    yeah right lebogang... you defend that name like you would a family heirloom

  23. Bareng Rakuba

    I really love logging on 75 after a long 8 hours work........

    Good photography relieves my stress and comments left makes me laugh.

  24. ntsasa

    @bareng, i feel u, its like I've found new friends without all the hangups and stuff.

  25. Bareng Rakuba

    @ ntasa.......4 sho.

  26. Bareng Rakuba

    @ twiggle....... is you a profesional fotographer?

    I, is killed by ur stuff.

  27. twiggle stix

    @ Bareng I don’t consider myself professional as yet ask me that 7yrs from now.,
    i think new name should be Stefano Demera ( Days of our Lives)

  28. Gods Kid Brother

    awzwe! lol

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