5. Seven.

a theme


Tomorrow we are turning five years old. So, a theme in celebration is in order.

  • 5. Seven.
  • 19th — 26th April

It is that simple — enterprete the topic the best way you already know how. I know it is short notice, but hey, I hear 'graphers work best under pressure.

It will run for 7 days, with the theme, 5. Get it? 75. Tjoveeeetjo!

Its on, right?

1ove, collaborates.

  1. lebogang nkoane

    Hmm, Caprisel has suggested we run this for a week?

    Lebo Shmoove has suggested a gathering of sort.

    What say mense?

  2. Diaan

    Please run it for a week!! I'm so busy organising my trip to Afrikaburn that I might just miss it if it's only a day.

    Also, I'm probably not going to make any sort of gathering until May, Afrikaburn, you see... :)

    Happy daze!

  3. lebogang nkoane

    Makes sense.

    *adjusts theme.

  4. seilatsatsi

    all suggestions are cool, re kopana neng kae? i still remember the first hook up at GIN :)

  5. Mpumelelo

    This is cool. I'm down for both the link up and the theme.
    Tjoveeeeeetjo... 7s phezulu. LOL

  6. lebogang nkoane

    Yeah, when are we meeting?

    This Saturday or Friday? Where? Rosebank? Greenside?

  7. Jeff Rikhotso

    Rosebank is more central for Folk coming from Tshwane tho...i say...where Europa?

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