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We have theme coming up called Symmetry:

  • 25th May, 2011.
  • Two photographs that are 'Symmetrical' to each other. Interpret  that in any creative way you can. Carte Blanche.

Just to give you an idea or rather inspiration here is a video/motio-graphics.


Your thoughts — lets do this.

  1. Mpumelelo

    I cant wait. :)

  2. lebogang nkoane


  3. Greer


  4. Ovidius Nkoane

    *clicks knuckles*

  5. Tom Stewart

    Nice! I'm on it....

  6. lebogang nkoane

    What a minute! The date for this theme is on the same day as elections? Would that still work? I propose we move it by another week?

  7. lebogang nkoane

    Date changed!

  8. changingtibet

    sounds great!

  9. Diaan


  10. lebogang nkoane

    Phew — this was a hard theme — it was easy to think of the normaly symmetry stuff, but to think of something more, something more personal, or with "a deeper meaning to self", wasn't easy.

    But, I tried.

  11. Diaan

    It was really easy for me. I forgot about the theme so I had to perform an emergency relevant photo acquisition manoeuvre. Took me mere seconds. (of terror)


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