a theme


Being that the 19th of April (Tuesday) is our birth day. We thought it would be fitting to create a theme to go along with that and it's simple. 19th April will the 4TH year we have been in existence — the theme is inline with that:

FOUR. Translate that photo-magically into any way that you find fitting: as a number; as a word; as a style; as a composition. It's all upto you.

Any 'grapher can participate — if you want, no pressure — albeit, it would be dandy if we all participated. Yeah? I do feel we are in need of a 'collaboration' and/or celebration of some sort.

1ove, celebration.

  1. Jeff Rikhotso


  2. yizzi25

    bring it on :)

  3. Diaan


  4. Greer


  5. lebo luke warm

    1, 2, 3, 4. Lets Go!!

  6. Mpumelelo

    Oh yeah!!!

  7. King-K

    On it!!!

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