please mom?!

please mom?!

more from the poolside

love the way this girl was obviously begging her mom to let her swim a bit longer :)

18h04 Wednesday
16, March
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  1. lebogang nkoane

    perfect momento.

  2. Buchu

    great picture
    mom is not impressed...

  3. Tom Stewart

    Love it!

  4. Jeff Rikhotso

    He he he, confrontation? it.

  5. Mpumelelo

    I remember the days of holding on to that arm, knowing that Ima get a beat down... LOL
    Great photo.

  6. yizzi25


  7. Mphela

    hold that arm, it tends to swing without warning...

  8. twiggle stix

    lol.... fresh....

  9. NguJaz

    the stare down tactic

  10. Uno

    The little girl's expression tries to tell one thing but her legs tell another. Great eye, great sensibility. Love it.

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