dance class

dance class
01h58 Tuesday
15, March
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  1. Karabo_Ngoatle

    Love the motion, texture and the entire tone of this Image.

  2. sfiso

    ^^im with him! noice!

  3. Tom Stewart

    Love the motion and grain

  4. Jeff Rikhotso

    Sweet//ness...kool vibes

  5. The Graduate

    thanks guys ;)

  6. Buchu

    I'm about to go Black Swan on these B*****es...

  7. The Graduate

    hahahaha! @ buchu, exactamundo. was my inspiration in the treatment... think the b&w desaturated look worked cos there was so much grain in the original and those garish green colours...

  8. Khumbelo


  9. Morolong


  10. KA

    beautiful! love it!

  11. NguJaz


  12. Uno

    This is lovely! I like where you're going...

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