I had a great New Year's. Sorry, I know it's like a week later and I'm still talking about it but this is how good it was for my soul. I googled till I (nearly) dropped the whole thing because everything was booked but I wanted to get out of the city so bad... Found a great place and went with good friends :)

  1. The Graduate

    another x-process.

  2. Nappy Head

    stunning :)

  3. Yaseen Lagardien

    Well layered. Awesome shot.

  4. Matt

    I love this..

  5. Kamogelo Mogashoa

    Beautiful! :)

  6. Khumbelo

    great shot

  7. Buchu

    very cool... lots of depth

  8. Daz

    Lotsa interest, from foreground to background. Great shot. Great x-processing!

  9. Stefanie Jason


  10. NguJaz


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