vis vang / fishing 

would freak me out

I'd be thinking of how the big fish I could catch might pitch me over the side

and into the sea

ingrid jonker died by walking into the sea

can you imagine?

waves and your feet leaving the sand when it got too deep

maybe she tried to swim back but it was too late...

  1. lebogang nkoane

    I need to get back to Kalk bay — I have more 'graphs to shoot there.

  2. Matt

    I love that restaurant in the background...good memories.

    I miss the Cape...

    Diana ?

  3. Juxtapose

    you're on fire. you're killing it with this latest stream of photos

  4. Buchu

    Ditto @ Juxtapose
    fire burn pon dem!

  5. Khumbelo

    dope shot!

  6. The Graduate

    no... on my 1985 Minolta Maxxum 7000. and no colour touch ups (someone asked me today}. when I can play with the diana-nites I'll definitely let you know :)

  7. Diaan

    Lovely colours.

  8. Buchu

    i really thought you touched the colours up a bit...
    wow that actually makes this more special...
    "the golden hour" as they call it

  9. yizzi25

    this is really awesome!

  10. Yaseen Lagardien

    Superb Bien!

  11. NguJaz

    i like all the lines -- leading

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