cross processed for the first time (kodak ektachrome E100VS - a vivid saturation colour slide film). it took me two spools before this before I let go of my need to see things the way I shoot them. out of principle (and I guess a lack of know-how) I don't touch up colours. it's not real. I wonder if my relationship with photo taking will change if I get a digital camera.

I'm reaching this year

I hope you get to too.

good luck and faith's grace.

  1. barnardinho

    Welcome to the world of x-process. My photography changed forever once I started messing with that.

    I've carried a lot of that through to my digital photography (in post processing). If anything, I shoot more now (and have more room to experiment) because of digital.

  2. Juxtapose

    it looks like the album sleeve for ma fleur - cinematic orchestra. lovely take

  3. NguJaz

    love the sentiment

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