A lifetime - Insha'Allah

A lifetime - Insha'Allah
  1. The Graduate

    She was sleeping. It took me a while going back and forth with myself as to whether I should even take the photograph. I felt conflicted - I kept thinking: what if she wakes up and how would I explain and how rude!? of me if I did and she woke up to find me photographing her. I decided in the end that I would. I guess I risked it. It was such an intimate moment and I wanted to keep it. She had obviously fallen asleep in her chair, in a second hand shop I frequent. Her granddaughter, who runs the shop, was sitting outside and across the street so we were alone. She woke up a little while later. We chatted for a bit. She had just been to the day hospital and was waiting on her son to come and pick her up and she was quite frustrated she couldn't go home yet. I still can't say why I did it or what I would do if anyone walked into the shop. I'd definitely feel so embarrassed and ashamed. I mean, photography is about wanting to keep a moment for forever. I wanted this moment but at what expense? There must always be respect for the subject and a point at which you say, maybe not this one.

  2. Juxtapose

    This is beautiful and I don't think you should worry too much about bad manners. There's a searing sensitivity to this image that would wash away any offending sense of sensibilities, if there were any. You succeeded here.

  3. Mpumelelo


  4. yizzi25

    1ove, photography!

  5. Matt

    Beautiful image.

    I know how you feel though....I battle to do the candid, street style photography. I feel like I'm imposing on a life that isn't mine. That I'm looking through a window that should be closed.

  6. Jeff Rikhotso

    The photo is sensitively shot and makes me curious, than if u had exposed her face, which would take away the mystery...your write up tells all i guess.

    I like

  7. The Graduate

    thanks for the encouragement guys. I appreciate the feedback and your sharing how you find this dance we do with others and our camera....

  8. lebogang nkoane

    Well, people scare me — being shy doesn't help much — so I shoot inanimate objects mostly.

  9. Kamogelo Mogashoa

    if u hadnt taken the risk this beautiful mark wouldnt have been made, if its wrong u feel it, the pic tells a story, ur story... yet is calm and sensitive, :) i dig

  10. CareyMay

    This beautiful

  11. barnardinho

    That's a great shot. incredible hands

  12. Sam Buk

    shooting people is one of the most challenging things to do. i struggle a lot myself, i think if it comes from a position of honesty, where the purpose of why you're capturing that person is clear from the photographers part, then one shouldn't feel guilty or feel like there's an intrusion. beautifully captured.

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