Gogo Hlatshwayo

Gogo Hlatshwayo

one of my favourite pictures. because it brings to mind the fact that in meeting and spending time at gogo hlatshwayo's house, I felt the essence of something I feel from my aunt and the women who love so unflinchingly in my family. the women who love so selflessly that more often than we never know their pain or their struggle - it's never about them but about their children, their siblings, the family, us. I'm so thankful I was brought up to know so much love. your family is your incubator, a lot of who you've become started there.

  1. Palapala

    Beautiful photo

  2. Sthe Ngcobo

    I wonder how many a child have known the coldness feel of that bath tub/washing basin hanging by the door.....!!
    Lovely take...!

  3. lebogang nkoane

    @sthe — Yep, that bath was torture, but then again being clean is better. :-)

  4. Kunta Kinte

    @Sthe word!!! fantastic shot, I can actually slightly see you in the reflection of the vdub wheel

  5. seilatsatsi

    i used to look forward to washing blankets in that tub, we'd roll up our pants n stomp on them.

  6. Sam Buk

    magic. memories.

  7. The Graduate

    can't believe you look that closely Kunta I just noticed now...hehe. thanks guys. glad the pic brought back memories :)

  8. Greer

    nice one!

  9. Buchu

    Its Graduation Day ! Make it rain !!!

  10. Neil Acid

    haha i used to love that tub! i'd refuse to bathe in anything smaller! and it served as a swimming pool on hot summer days. lol

  11. NguJaz

    beautiful take

  12. yizzi25

    how i love this!

  13. Nokulunga Msomi

    Simply beautiful!

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