the golden age

the golden age

Native Americans don't call their elderly old, rather, they refer to your later years as the golden age. I think it's beautiful that they do. Our elders should be afforded the respect they deserve. 

23h00 Tuesday
26, October
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  1. Jeff Rikhotso

    Shot, dude where did u shoot this

  2. The Graduate

    the states, last summer. in a place two hours south west of minnesota. lower sioux is the name of this particular group of native americans, and they have regular pow wows on their reserve, which is where i was when i took this. went with good friends, whose dad is a leader in the community. best experience of my time there :)

  3. Nappy Head

    Dope picture and interesting story behind it.


    Let us be reminded that the native Americans now live in preservation reserves, while the European Americans rule a land which once yielded the the natives bountifuls and encouraged prosperity.


    Here's a blanket of small-pox for your efforts. We shall call this day thanksgiving. Go ahead. Roast a turkey. Give thanks.


  4. Palapala

    A beautiful photo

  5. Buchu

    @Nappy, too true!!!
    Preach, brother, preach!!!

  6. NguJaz

    fa sho

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