The people of Hangberg say:

The people of Hangberg say:

And they won't be and they shouldn't be. 

The City of Cape Town doesn't "work for all" as their logo says, but for some. 

That's a quote from Buchu.

  1. The Graduate

    thanks to Sam Buk for the film when I ran out.

  2. Nappy Head

    District Six
    Protea Village
    Hout bay

    Pre and post '94. All the same.

  3. Juxtapose

    remember: irene grootbom

    (are we free or are we dom)*

    *apologies to trevor gumbi

  4. Palapala

    A nice journalism photo

  5. Jeff Rikhotso

    I am liking this journo feel to it, exposing the troof huh.

  6. NguJaz

    like this shot. intense.

  7. Karabo_Ngoatle


  8. Uno

    Wow. Very powerful, very well put together, a lot of sentiment here. I think from all the posts on the Hangberg theme, this is the one that speaks louder, with fewer words, straight to the heart.

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