I love Jozi too!

I love Jozi too!

Inspired by Jeff Rikhotso and his beautiful poster for Jozi love... here's some Jozi love from my side. Again looking back in my archives, this I took on one of my first solo holidays in the big city. I spent a shnnnit load on taxi fare (I was with some american friends so it was the transportation mode de jour... eish) anyway - remember having the best time. It was good. the yellow in this pic comes from me messing around in photoshop - again a first, cos I just recently got CS4 and have never worked in photoshop - hell I didn't even know how to create a frikkin' layer for the longest time...


Anyway, enough boring stories.

happy mistakes all round with my yellow through the pic. and happy times to remember. 

greetings 75'ers :)

  1. Buchu

    looks almost like the cover of an 80's graffiti book.
    the "roughness" of the yellow seems to fit with the subject:
    inner city Jozi.

  2. NguJaz


  3. lebogang nkoane

    drive further down as the 'teksi' is going — and shout at teksi-driver: afta robot! You end up here: http://75.co.za/robot/2008/08/17 (well close to it)


  4. The Graduate

    thanks ltd. checked that link - VERY awesome ")

  5. KA


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