going back to my roots

going back to my roots

the archives are calling. found a folder that's called my old flash, so, had to take a look. these are some of the first pics I took with a little digital camera (not great quality) but I remember having the most fun. 

I like looking at this one... gives me a different perspective...

17h42 Wednesday
15, September
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  1. Nappy Head

    Head in the clouds?

  2. Oriel

    very cool perspective!

  3. Matt

    I love going back through old pics...

    Love the angle and clouds on this one...great pic

  4. Sam Buk

    yes! magic!

  5. GLUcose D


  6. Greer

    really nice.

  7. Diaan

    Aaah, good one. :)

  8. Buchu


  9. NguJaz

    iz holding what this little one?

  10. The Graduate

    a shell NguJazz...

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