Welcome to our Hillbrow

Welcome to our Hillbrow

Had the best time in Jozi

Unfortunately the composition is out, didn't have much space to get a good distance on the building. A quiet and grey day. 

09h46 Thursday
29, July
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  1. yizzi25

    damn, damn, damn,

  2. Sam Buk

    the grandeur of urban decay.

  3. barnardinho

    LOVE urban decay - wish there was easier access to recording it

  4. Sam Buk

    i don't think it's a case of finding easier access points to record. it's there, record. walk along wolmarans street and snap away.

    it's more about fear i think

  5. Nappy Head

    Eish... sooo much potential here! I would advise you to go back and shoot it again. There's a ton of material. You must be, brave, God-fearing and dig. uncover the treasure... Do not just point to a spot on the map.

    BTW, I want to go dig sometime soon. You are welcome.

  6. Nappy Head

    I do like.

    Just to clear that up



  7. Buchu


  8. NguJaz

    ja no. complex

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