09h25 Friday
11, November
  • love 07
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  • FinePix S5800 S800
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  1. Jeff Rikhotso

    Dude, i love this graph

  2. touchda8thwnda

    hawu dankie Jeff :)

  3. Lebo Shmoove

    Sweet graph mayne

  4. Epic

    Nice one. I love the way it lead the eye off into the distance.

  5. touchda8thwnda

    Lebo thanks dude!

    @Epic that was aim to create leading lines towards the coming train, and now that you see that i feel like i achieved what i aimed to do. :D

  6. Mduduzi

    Did you sit next to her?
    Dope shot

  7. touchda8thwnda

    not really i was just accompanying her, lol ;)

  8. King-K


  9. æ

    like a scene from a movie

    Sindiswa Nene

    i love this

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