when it hits

when it hits

seeing more than double after some gulps...


10h06 Monday
15, April
  • love 03
  • switch zoom in/out
  • Canon EOS 60D
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  1. Kunta Kinte

    Dude where you in my house this weekend... LMFAO ... killed 4 of those Cape Reds over the weekend, and I know that feeling when it hits ...

  2. SayUrSay

    Great shot!!

  3. sfiso

    i have these zoom bursts every weekend!

    awesome shot

  4. Lebogang Ditibane

    thank you all

    I wanna take others though, I somehow feel its too cluttered, too busy, but its just me, just had to share it though.

  5. Khumbelo

    diggin it

  6. Gari Gaspar

    thumbs up...

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