INKOMAZI, rich and creamy

INKOMAZI, rich and creamy

yeah, for some a daily meal, for some a treat, some dessert, for me...

really i dont know, but it was nice.

"turn it up" Jay dilla.  

  1. Ovidius Nkoane

    ina amafutha amaningi,,, my zulu sux arse! Inkomazi is dope when you is HUN-GER-RRRY.

    i've also been listening to a lot of Jay Dee. esp. his tribute PodCast. check it out at,,,

    oh that looks like *Wallpaper on the side,,, is it?

  2. lebogang nkoane

    that be it, that be *Wallpaper.

    I have the exact same photograph, well a table, wallpaper and inkomasi.

    weird init, or is it starving creatives?

  3. tebogo motea

    it must be the "inkomazi creatives" rich and creamy, ish but rich & creamy is sorta questionable.

  4. Ovidius Nkoane

    those raised by the lard of the land,,, cr*tivz they are!

  5. Gixxer_Sane

    Gots ta be like the easiest meal to prepare, oh and especially wit brown bread :-)

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