What do you call it?

What do you call it?

Not knowing anything about boats or fishing,i have no idea what you call this thing that sticks out of of the boat :)

08h55 Thursday
12, April
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  1. Kunta Kinte

    Is this not the oar?

  2. paralyzer

    Eish charlie but isn't the oar the paddle thing? But you may be right cause im ignorant

  3. seilatsatsi

    it is KB

  4. Sthe Ngcobo

    I call it solid wood....what do you call it?

  5. paralyzer

    Solid wood...:)

  6. Kunta Kinte

    hahahahahaha is there pliable wood? Seilatsatsi, sure looks like it to me, Paralyzer yes the oar is the paddle thingy-magiggy

  7. paralyzer

    Ja nee this talk of wood so early in the morning lol
    there should be a brainiac ,who can save us

  8. Kunta Kinte

    hahahahahaha I see we got another Abe in Paralyzer, who doesn't have wood early in the morning? If you don't you have a big problem --- lmfao

  9. paralyzer

    LOL Kunta no dude...i have no issues whatsoever

  10. Kunta Kinte

    hihihihi --- That's good dude... lmfao

  11. Liezle Lynch

    Wow from oars to morning glories lol!Btw, nice photo :-)

  12. paralyzer

    so is it an oar or not though Liezle?

  13. Liezle Lynch

    I don't know however i DO know that it's NOT a "morning wood" :-)

  14. paralyzer

    thats all Sthe and Kunta's fault ,i just want tobe educated

  15. sfiso

    Thats wood. I know wood when I see it *hides*

  16. paralyzer

    i give up

  17. Kunta Kinte

    Hahahahaha, don't pin this on me, I just said its an oar... Now I'm thinking about the motion 1 assumes when rowing with an oar, back and forth, back and forth.... lmfao

  18. paralyzer

    lol ja nee

  19. Sthe Ngcobo

    Yoooo,hold up,how is it my fault!!!??
    Hord on NOT, wood is wood
    @Liezle, i dare not ask how you know of "morning woods" my child....?\Have you been in the "woods" in the mornings???
    *runs and hides*

  20. paralyzer

    lol wood is wood... you better run Sthe lol

  21. Kunta Kinte

    Maybe Liezle is a carpenter and she likes working with wood in the mornings, or maybe she just likes [Wood]y Allen ... *asks Popo for space in his hiding place*

  22. paralyzer

    okay its called a bow.now no more talk of wood

  23. Kunta Kinte

    isn't the bow the front part of the boat? maybe the stern? but still its made of wood, and as Sthe said... Wood Is Wood

  24. paralyzer

    stern could be it...wood is wood ja nee

  25. Kunta Kinte

    Good thing I watched Who Sank The Bismarck & that titanic what what last night on Discovery World, now I sound like I know a lot about boats and I know diddly-squat... hahaahahahaha

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