Amaqensi - Pecan Nuts

Amaqensi - Pecan Nuts

As a child,I loved winter because of these nuts......picking them was a bliss, but also dangerouse due to puff adders lurking around stones basking in the winter sun....!

  1. paralyzer

    love the feel

  2. Sthe Ngcobo

    Thank you....

  3. Sthe Ngcobo

    I am keen on finding out what are these called in your lingo/language/slang/home language....

  4. Lebogang Ditibane

    phonography? what paralyzer said, its a mooshy shot

  5. Sthe Ngcobo

    lol @ "mooshy shot"
    (love light, isn't that what photography is all about, playing with light?)

  6. twiggle stix

    Love your lighting

  7. NguJaz

    love the simplicity

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