Waiting for the right moment.....

Waiting for the right moment.....

p"waiting for the right moment shouldn't be used as an excuse to be lazy and placid. why not create the moment instead of sitting by and watching the world pass u by?"

-Sthe Ngcobo-

14h44 Tuesday
08, January
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  1. Uno

    The law of gravity might have never picked up momentum if newton was running around instead of sitting placidly under that apple tree...

  2. Sthe Ngcobo

    That is another way of seeing it! Pity we were never told for how long he sat under that apple tree till one apple landed on his head!!!

  3. Uno

    How long shouldn't be the question, it's about how one deals with that one apple that falls on your head...

  4. Sthe Ngcobo


  5. Palapala

    I like it

  6. Di1

    Gotta find the balance between thinking and moving n shaking guys! Balance! As for this dude, he has been sitting waiting for too long for life to give him something! Dope shot!

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