Imvelaphi yami - My origins

Imvelaphi yami - My origins

Religion, culture, western, eastern or african has a way of coming across as unconstitutional, inhuman or violating other's freedom of choice.

In Zulu, "amathwasa" ne "zangoma" get a calling from an early age. Sacrifices are made to get them to where "abaphansi" want them to be and do the bidding they are called to do. Some see this as a violation on that person's freedom of choice, some dismis it as an ancient cultural believe, taboo in many ways.

One thing I know for sure is: life is not defined by what I choose to believe. What I don't understand I shall not criticise or pass judgment upon.

14h20 Friday
20, July
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  1. NguJaz

    siya thokoza *bow

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