Lift off.......

Lift off.......
10h55 Friday
27, January
  • love 05
  • switch zoom in/out
  • NIKON D90
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  1. Gods Kid Brother

    beautiful mate!...i fail when it comes to speed photography lol...kudos to you.

  2. Kunta Kinte

    We have a lift off...

  3. Khumbelo


  4. Sthe Ngcobo

    @G-K-B: Try using the spot feature on your cam,or keep an eye on your subject with your shutter speed set high.....should get the hang of it!
    Thanks Kabelo&Khumbelo.....!

  5. lebogang nkoane

    Flight, the final frontier!


  6. Nappy Head

    which lens was used?

  7. Sthe Ngcobo

    @Nappy Head: I used a Tamron 300mm

  8. twiggle stix


  9. Sthe Ngcobo

    Thankx Twiggle Stix

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