...she wasnt interested in him

...she wasnt interested in him

Zinhle and Gomolemo

ma Z- naughty, cute, attention seeking little gal

ma G- shy boi....... just shy, n oh so cute...

wanted to show their personalities in this pic... really cute little beings.

  1. loymad
  2. Stefanie Jason
    nice shot, wow
  3. caprisel
    chomi this is what they mean by a picture tells a thousand stories,its misterious... it makes me think, this is a brilliant pic *click* on the love icon.
  4. George Gladwin Matsheke
    The reason why God made the Good to fall for the Bad is because that will keep things balanced! Kim K and Raggie Bush *perfect example
  5. Spha
    it looks like she was pretending in a way.
  6. Uno
    Love the photo. Love the story. Love how ma Z's feet pose and push ma G's into the other corner.
    She doesn't like him but she likes the fact that he might like her. He doesn't know what should be the next step...
  7. MothMan
    got to give a little, take a little...flirtation captured.very very nice
  8. Khumbelo
  9. NguJaz
    i think maZ is well-versed in the ways of courtship ko dicorneng!
    seems like she's flirting to me.
    interesting perspective
  10. Max Mogale
    I like this a lot! Very nice
  11. Makhaya
    very cool. well captured.
  12. Kunta Kinte
    I agree with S.O.N. she was just playin' hard to get wit the poor chap... Awesome shot, well done!!
  13. Kunta Kinte
    *pssss btw tags please
  14. Bareng Rakuba
    @ Traveling man....lol.
  15. Bareng Rakuba
    @ SouQueen...shot.
  16. æ
  17. twiggle stix
    SO Dope!
  18. Fluxd
    agh sweet man!!! love the killer.
  19. nique
    uyaqhoma lomntwana!
  20. Juxtapose
    wow, i really love this photo
  21. Android Veliskas
    totally conceptual!!!

  22. Morolong
  23. rangoato hlasane

    v dope

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