Pano Portrait 1 - Batsile

Pano Portrait 1 - Batsile

I will be posting a few of my PanoPortraits over the next few days, these are shot by taking various close up shots of the subject and then merging them all together in Photoshop to create the extreme depth of field in the images.... Its quite a challenge to get the sharpness throughout the entire face, but I really like the final results.

What do you guys think?

07h26 Wednesday
25, February
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  1. Thato Sehlabela

    Boy Wonder! Cap City rapper

    Nice shot!!

  2. Palapala

    A nice portrait

  3. Android Veliskas

    lol.. this dude.. #sweettakings

  4. Linda El Toro Nkosi

    This is a brilliant idea. It has a medium format feel to it.

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