Light Streaks along the N1

Light Streaks along the N1

Shot on the AMAZING Nokia Lumia 1020... This phones camera is on a whole other level 41 Mega Pixels, Full Manual. SICK SICK SICK low light capabilities... Im sold.

10h01 Friday
18, October
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  1. Sheri_G

    Never though I could capture an image of this quality with a phone, pretty damn amazed!

  2. NguJaz

    me too

  3. lebogang nkoane


    But, Nokia, If my memory serves me right use high quality lenses, Carl Zeiss. I think in the early days of 75 Khumbelo showed (e.g: ) what their camera-phones can do.

  4. Sheri_G

    @lebogang... Yah man its got Zeiss optics, this is their newest phone it will be hitting SA shores shortly.

  5. Khumbelo


    i might just go back to nokia mos?

    :O at the image link from lebogang.

  6. twiggle stix

    Dope... its Crazy

  7. NativeBoy


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