Blooming Petals

Blooming Petals

Mother Nature at her most...poetic

09h37 Monday
09, September
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  • NIKON D90
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  1. lebogang nkoane


  2. Kunta Kinte

    Looks like something ( ._.)

  3. yizzi25


  4. George Gladwin Matsheke

    even the hair is similar

  5. Diaan

    Very anatomic.

  6. Thato Sehlabela

    Well, flowers are the plant's reproduction organs...

  7. twiggle stix

    I love that its in colour!

  8. NguJaz

    looks like some painful lengths -- to bloom

  9. paralyzer

    "feed me Seymor"

  10. sfiso

    lol, i couldnt make this up if I tried. Ta :)

  11. Sheri_G

    WOW... this is amazing!! What lens was this shot with?

  12. Khumbelo


  13. sfiso

    Thanks Sheri - Shot with a 18-200mm with Macro Extension tubes.

  14. shizeeda

    :-) how very vaginal... I notice people are scared of using the word before, are we not allowed to on 75? ;-) beyond the vagina-ness of the image it is really cool - and i wonder if its coolness comes from that too. it is also a little bit shocking and really unexpected and I think I love it the most because of that.

  15. NativeBoy

    hahaha! Somehow vagina was the first thing that came to mind, I guess Shizeeda is right

  16. Mpumelelo

    I was scared of opening this image. Mainly coz I'm sitting at the office right now and they might just think that I go around the net looking for photos of things that look like vagina in my spare time. hahahaha. This is dope.

  17. sfiso

    tltltltl lol, ta bro

  18. Liezle Lynch

    Lol, what Native Boy said!

  19. Mack Magagane

    I will use Twiggle's famous phrase: AMEN!

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