corporate skating

corporate skating

a friend had just come back from work n tried the skateboard on her heels. not a very clever thing to do i must say, but fun non the less

11h06 Monday
28, July
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  1. twiggle stix

    Ah Seilatsatsi...........Great shot, great idea!!

  2. Stefanie Jason

    i absolutely love this!


  3. Khumbelo

    nice take Seilatsatsi.

    LOL @ hairy.


    oh i like this!!

  4. twiggle stix

    lol.........@ Khumbelo and the hairy

  5. George Gladwin Matsheke

    Dope concept -

  6. rudzani

    It is an absolutely exquisite shot, seilatsats!

  7. Bareng Rakuba

    Ka e thabela ngwaneso.


    Now all we need is a freakum

  8. seilatsatsi

    @ L.E.M - lol, not a freakum dress gal, the saturday

  9. Di1

    lol 2 her hairy legs... *lookin at mine now!
    dope pic!

  10. seilatsatsi

    @ di1 - she thinks shavin is a total waste of time coz within days it grows back so she gave up


    @ seila: lol "Ntombazana how low can u go?"

  11. seilatsatsi

    @ lem, it seems she can go very low after all contrary to popular belief, lol
    unlike sum couch potatoes that i know hey


    1 word... wax!!

  12. pea

    haai no it wuda been beta had she shaved, i think cos its a dope shot!

  13. Ovidius Nkoane


  14. seilatsatsi


  15. Stefanie Jason

    wats so eeuw about this Kotn?

    i dont know what good shaving is...for men and women (esp in makes no sense)

    -unless its for sports or something

  16. seilatsatsi

    hey whats eeuw for sum is a total turn on for others.

  17. yizzi25


  18. Ovidius Nkoane

    @Nina SimOne: Idon't like hair on women, It's not flattering.
    "Shave Kits For All!"
    "Shave Kits For All!"
    "Shave Kits For All!"

    @seilatsatsi: What's a turn on for some; is an Eeuw for me.

    *Strokes his Hitler mustache.


    lol. kotn, you crazy!

    i've missed your brand of maddness.

  19. ªßè®

    We should just stop beating around the Bush.
    Men in general [(50+1) %], don't go down on women who don't shave, I mean who wanna floss after...

  20. NguJaz

    that bus is never late abe

  21. Stefanie Jason

    ^ ^ ^

    you might have needed to floss all along...who knows

  22. ªßè®

    I am always fresh and clean... SIMON...
    @Jaz, Don't wanna commit myself to the bus thing, I am afraid I'll miss the bus, I always cum last!..... :-)

  23. noidSyStems

    I dnt knw it depends wat kinda girl ...

    F it actually ... as long as the forest is not toooooo bushy ... I'm cool ... I'm hairy enough ...

    Cool koncept by the way ...!

  24. seilatsatsi

    now just coz her legs arent shaved dont mean she dont take care of other places, which she does.

    @ kotn - tru dat
    @ nina & noid - lmfao

  25. Sukum'ukhanye

    Lmfao nina and noid! creative pic

  26. Stefanie Jason

    (AKA the bush)!!!

    *throws away razors---hopefully for good ;-) *

  27. seilatsatsi

    @ nina - gal it cant be for good, lol.

  28. Stefanie Jason

    ^ ^ ^
    ...LOL! lets hope so

    Abe and that 50+1% is still making me LOL and SMH :)

  29. seilatsatsi

    @ abe - maybe stop beating around the bush and enter the bush. lmfao

  30. Sukum'ukhanye

    abe y wud u need 2 floss aftawards... r u goin 2 b biting the

  31. Stefanie Jason

    @ Seila
    IM ON THE FLOOR from laughter!

    the brother be making 'war'

  32. seilatsatsi

    make war, just not around the bush. dang

  33. malindi

    Brilliant idea.. damn!

  34. Stefanie Jason

    I wasnt trying to diss Abe or knock wat Kotn was saying,

    but for so long women have gone out of their way to look unnaturally 'beautiful' for 'people'. For what? who knew/ows?

    we shave our bodily hair, we Grow the hair on our heads (even wear wigs and weaves), pluck our hair, wax our hair, WEAR HEELS (which are the worst things ever intended), we wore corsets in the past, bras today, nail polish, G-strings, suspenders, make-up, have pedicures and manicures, EVEN plastic surgery on our vaginas !

    Haike sana! its gotta stop somewhere no?!

  35. Sukum'ukhanye

    i agree with nina! u jst cn neva do enuf 4 men... nd nw gal no mo g strings, they jst free wilin.

  36. lebogang nkoane

    @nina --- after all that work, we dudes come through for the 'date' in jeans, sneakers and a t-shirt. ;-)

    *ps: I lurvvv (said in the most, perverted voice --- almost Hannibali-sh) corsets!

  37. Stefanie Jason

    ^ ^ ^
    u should try it on one day

  38. lebogang nkoane

    as long I get a chance to take it off.

    *does the hannibal-gali-gali ish through the jail bars.

  39. seilatsatsi

    tru that nina, the fact is one cant always be the perfect poster gal that some guys like. the weaves, nail and the x2cures just aint my thing.

    a luta continua gals, lol

  40. seilatsatsi

    @ LN - i can assure that the process of strapin or clippin a corset aint fun. you might have fun while taking it off but puting it on is another thing.

  41. lebogang nkoane

    ^^^ you have no idea -- my fascination with Medevial clothing is sewn into the fabric that defines me ---

    recites: "pain is pleasure, pleasure is pain, pain is pleasure"

    *gotta go later, pple ---

  42. seilatsatsi

    to quote u LN, "pain is pleasure, pleasure is pain, pain is pleasure". in this case she is feeling the PAIN and you feeling the PLEASURE.

    eish mara some gals don mind.

  43. lebogang nkoane

    did someone say: strap on?

    seilatsatsi, and thats the beauty of it,,, one gal's pain is another man's pleasure (or is this bordering 12 years to life?)

    *hides, pleads temporary insanity.

  44. seilatsatsi

    tru that LN

  45. Stefanie Jason

    well, i thru the razor away on monday
    and already i got a 5 O'clock shadow type beard and moustache!
    ...very salvatore dali-esque!
    *its a keeper!*

  46. seilatsatsi

    @ nina - danm gal does it grow that quick?

  47. Ovidius Nkoane

    Had to delete my last comment,,, it was boardering on bad-taste. Sori

  48. seilatsatsi

    no sweat

  49. popskiet

    good one

  50. Kunta Kinte

    she needs a shave...

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