luxuriously smooth and creamy, coconut milk provides a bounty of nutrients essential to the good health of your skin. packed with glycerin rejuvenates, coconut milk nourishes and re-hydrates the skin leaving it supple, silky-smooth, and revitalized. add to running water and relax on a wave of creamy aroma.

23h09 Wednesday
20, October
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  1. yizzi25

    who done took this pic/

  2. Jeff Rikhotso

    Like seriously Sam, this is bloody nice bru.

  3. Nappy Head

    coconut hahaha :) mmm. Quite a few things cross my mind. I will ask U about this sometime.

  4. Greer

    sorry sam, I like the idea but not the execution.

  5. Oriel

    Love it!!

  6. Uno

    yeah... I tend to agree with Shy1... maybe smoother? With less grain? Maybe the water could be more white? Maybe you could work a bit on the skin reflections? Just an opinion : )

  7. Sam Buk

    ye. points well taken. to be honest i wasn't that interested in trying to make it look better. (i definitely do try most of the time). but i concede the concept may not be strong enough for the viewer/s to put the story ahead of the photo.

  8. Lurker

    i like it !!

  9. Kunta Kinte

    LOL Sam your caption feels like a Lux Add.... dope take

  10. caprisel

    :) cool angle

  11. Stefanie Jason

    Great concept! :-)

  12. NguJaz

    subject's pose just makes the idea of a coconut bath seem so painful -- quite unlike what you describe

  13. Makhaya

    Too ill. A classic shot.

  14. sweetoof

    i love this as is

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