Sho't Left

  1. Palapala

    Beautiful B&W

  2. Uno

    Nice composition, nice double exposure... hmmm... how did you manage to not have a duplicated image of the stop on the foreground?

  3. Sam Buk

    this is actually a single exposure. what you are seeing is a reapplication of paint on tar.

  4. Uno

    Serious? I could swear it was a double exposure... now I like it even more, it has the same sureal quality as you previous photo.

  5. Khumbelo


  6. Nappy Head

    Dude. This is the good stuff. Stop go. One way. Left or eight only depending on the approach. Loving the regulations man. Stop go. Systematised. System then accommodates, but you're still regulated.

  7. Morolong

    This = beauty.

  8. yizzi25

    OMG< OMG < OMG,

  9. Oriel

    Great find!

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