a sleep

a sleep

i wish i could remember my dreams more often

  1. Matt

    Keep a book or something to write on next to you when you sleep and write down what you remember when you wake up.

    I've never got it right, mostly because I just fall back asleep.

  2. Nappy Head

    We find in dreams what we have lost between the hours that we spend awake and the moments that our eyes are rested. Yet our internal eye never sleeps. It answers questions so that you may raise them upon your remembrances in the waking world. Some of us walk amongst the woken, dreaming, living dreams. Dreamers unveil truths, stagger and step till their hearts skips that vital beat.

    Speak to your inner most. You remembering what you have forgotten means that it is nagging. You have spoken to yourself. All that you require now is a thorough decoding of yourself.

    Recalling a dream can be a liberating experience, alternatively it can be a socking revelation. All yourself to guide yourself.

  3. NguJaz

    the movement in this just adds an eerie quality -- we like that

  4. Khumbelo


  5. The Graduate

    have you seen inception? if not, you'll love it. great picture

  6. The Graduate

    What did you shoot this on?

  7. Sam Buk

    @graduate. i shot it with a 28mm prime lense, agfa apx 400 b&w. can't quite remember the settings. it was low light so i probably opened the f-stop to the max

  8. Buchu

    Its awesome, the blurring at the edges makes it look like the Diana

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