In A Flash

In A Flash
  1. Nappy Head

    ha. stepping over traces. tracing steps.

  2. Sam Buk


  3. Diaan

    This is such a terrific moment.

  4. Jeff Rikhotso

    Okay, i like this, it works man.

  5. Oriel


  6. Uno

    Nice, really nice, great depth, great movement, love the outline, love the blur, love the grain.

  7. Sam Buk

    i remember

    sorry i didn't say what's up last night. it's been a while since music affected me in such a way (still trying to digest) i kinda wanted to be alone afterwards.

    thanks for the comment

  8. Uno

    No worries, I know exactly what you felt:

    And P.Tabane, bow down to his feet... the man is a legend.

  9. Khumbelo

    sick shot!

  10. Makhaya


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