palapala's image spoke to me about walking down the "road unknown"...

you walk down the road until you reach a point where it ends. a new challenge presents itself. in this instance the expression "sink or swim" becomes a reality.

shot with a diana F + fisheye lense. apx 100 black and white film



  1. Palapala

    I agree with you about what you have writen and well portray your sentences.

  2. Uno

    This sounds all too linear...
    Do we have to get wet?
    Can we float?
    Is there only one road?
    Can we retrace our steps?
    Are we allowed u-turns?
    Can we choose not to follow the road?
    : )

  3. Sam Buk

    of course we can.

    i was trying to make a story by referencing palapala's with mine. i see my image as the end to palapala's.

    in hindsight, perhaps it is simplistic but i like the idea of creating a story of images from different images. i will try it again should the opportunity present itself, maybe with a willing participant (s)

  4. ntsasa

    is this gordon's bay?

  5. Diaan


  6. Khumbelo


  7. Sam Buk

    @ntsasa: yes it is gordon's bay

    shot for the comments :)

  8. NguJaz it's end

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