off centre

off centre

i'm preparing for an eye transplant. excuse me.

  1. Nappy Head

    What lens were you using at the time?

  2. Matt

    very very cool...

  3. Sam Buk

    diana fish eye. my conclusion on diana is: throw away the 33 by 34 mm frames in the cute little package kit you get when you buy one. this is a medium format camera through and through. it doesn't produce to it's potential if you limit it. this was my last 35mm spool shooting with lady di. i'm laying her to rest until i make the effort to use her properly.

  4. Uno

    Wow, this is realy good... why does it come with the kit? Is it because of the vignetting or to use with 35mm?

  5. Sam Buk

    UP, basically the lomography society have created a replica diana from the 60s medium format and modernized it with all kinds of add ons to make it more attractive i guess. so included in the kit is a 35mm adapter which you can put on if you want to shoot 35mm film, as well as various sized frames.

  6. Khumbelo


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