Thanks Mike

Thanks Mike

This guy sparked my passion for photography:

we met in capoeira class in obz during my tertiary days and sparked off a friendship. i knew he was a photographer and i was interested in learning, so one day i asked him to advise me on which digital camera i should buy that would suit an amatuer like myself. he looked at me with disgust (he's not too keen on digital photography). he told me i won't learn about photography using a digital camera and asked me why i want to spend thousands of rands on equipment that's constantly changing, with more features, more pixels, "better quality" etc. when the mechanical process has worked for decades.

in short the end result was him borrowing me his spare nikon fm2 slr film camera.

this is one of two shots i managed to scan in (the only ones i thought were good at the time) from my second spool using the nikon. the first spool was blank- i didn't load properly :)



  1. lebogang nkoane

    lol @ blank spool — I've heard plenty o' those: I think I had a Canon EOS 300 (something like that from my late step father (who wasn't a photographer), but it got later stolen);

    I had nobody to learn from; one thing I learnt was never to go to CNA to process+develop: they discarded all my shots as "boo-boos" ;(

  2. Sam Buk

    haha yeah i had plenty of those rejected shots too, at a chemist

  3. NguJaz

    this is intriguing -- i can see into forever

  4. Palapala

    Simple and beautiful

  5. Jeff Rikhotso

    Beautiful story to your first gig bru.

  6. Khumbelo

    awesome textures in this

  7. Greer

    beautiful sentiment, and for a first pic this is pretty good Sam. I like. I remembered recently that I had a vintage point and shoot I used to use when I was about 9/10. my first gig was at the Tygeberg Zoo. It was really warm that day... I think I still have the pics

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