all seeing eye

all seeing eye

it's difficult to get lost sometimes. you can try squeeze inside the smallest of crevices in a wall somewhere, but it seems there are eyes everywhere.

  1. Greer

    I don't think its possible to move through the world unoticed.

  2. Matt

    Not any more no.

    There are some scary stats about cities like London. You can't even fart without someone knowing where,when and for how long.

    Big brother is here :(

  3. Uno

    All my references are very cinematic(?) today... have you guys watched a movie called "3iron"?

  4. Sam Buk

    @ UP nope. sounds worth watching.

    got to love wikipedia :)

  5. NguJaz

    not even a private fart huh? *smh

  6. Diaan

    I don't think anybody will notice a fart in London, the place is already too stinky. Anyway, cool shot. :)

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