Back To Square One

Back To Square One

I shoot on film

I got jacked

All my negs, all my prints i've ever produced taken away from me by thieves 3 weeks ago

It hurts like hell

This is off my first roll since then

We can only move on and keep creating 

18h27 Tuesday
22, June
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  1. Diaan

    Jeez dude! Sorry to hear that. Welcome back though. Nice shot.

  2. Palapala

    Beautiful photography.
    IS sad to read what happened to you.
    Better days .

  3. lebogang nkoane

    … through thick and thin, there is love." — I like that. I love that.

    Yo, harde 'bout gettin' jacked — ain't nothing more un-replaceable than stolen (captured) moments, nothing.

  4. Uno

    Oh man... how did that happen? They must've been quite cultured thieves though...
    I feel this, both the image and the event...

  5. seilatsatsi

    sorry bout that guy.

  6. Sam Buk

    they were stolen out the boot of my car along with other less important things like my entire dvd and cd collection. i've relocated to cape town and i'm squatting in town for now. i was supposed to take a few boxes and bags to a friends house in rondebosch the day i was jacked. the theives struck first. they took everything except books (what's new?) my photography goodies were packed in a decent looking bag so i figure that's why they took it. the sad part is my stuff has probably been dumped in a bin somewhere and they porned the bag along with the other things they saw as "valuable".


  7. Khumbelo


    sorry about your 'graphs getting stolen.
    don't let em keep you down, get up and take more o that dope shots man.


  8. Nappy Head

    Shux man. But I agree with you, "We can only move on and keep creating".

    "Only the strong will continue"

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