To Be A Man

To Be A Man

I watched my cousin become head of the home at his father's funeral today. So far so good. He was well trained :)

  1. Buchu

    Jermaine is your cousin?

  2. Sam Buk


    in this case, he's just a medium to express the narrative

  3. Greer


    was this taken in Cape Town? strand street?
    really like the texture and the colours in this photograph.

  4. Sam Buk

    Shy 1: this was taken in fordsburg, jhb, a place i will be leaving soon in pursuit of a new adventure :)

  5. The Graduate

    great pic, haha. germaine. such a character. i like the narrative..

  6. Buchu

    I'm just saying:
    if you said yes, I would have believed you.

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