Si (munye)

Si (munye)

we are not one.

we are one on one.

progress is futile.

  1. Buchu

    I agree with you in the sense that progress in terms
    of the World Cup and things like malls in townships are futile.
    Screw FIFA. The majority will not benefit.
    Check this article on how they are evicting people to make our
    country look nice for the cameras.
    This is forced removals and the group areas act all over again.

    F&%* the World Cup.

  2. The Graduate

    Yeah man... tough it is indeed. but you know, resigned is how we could be if we really believed we didn't have what it took to do it different. i think we do. keep snapping.

  3. Palapala

    Beautiful city life moment.

  4. NguJaz

    so this is what they talk about when they say, "hustle and bustle"

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