Amajita (1)

Amajita (1)

Dedicated to my childhood "gang"

  1. lebogang nkoane

    almost, not real.

    *not sure what I meant by that --

  2. Khumbelo

    exactly wat i was thinking before i saw lebogang's comment

  3. Sam Buk

    @ lebogang, khumbelo:

    could you expand on your thoughts please, for clarity's sake?

  4. lebogang nkoane

    i think (cue: babbling): there is no point of reference, you know, almost every photograph has a point of reference of which everything is measure with respect to it.

    like say, a tree and a man under it ---

    in this shot --- it's confusing.

    can't find my reference --- i looks like the people are hung on a wall. but that's not possible. If I look at the 'those big curved things' (LOL) they too look like those bloem-pot that people hang on a wall...

    see, I am not sure, it's almost not real --- as in, its effin' with my reference point system --- but I gotta accept as real --- but, but, but,,, it doesn't appear real, but it's real, but it doesn't,,,

    eish ----

  5. Sam Buk

    actually i shopped the whole thing, Lol!

    fully. i get you. and that's why i dig it.

    to put reference to the shot:

    those kideos are leaning against a wall slanted at an angle that allows them to climb up on but you don't see it from my angle so it gives the impression of them hanging, like you said.

    and those bloem-pots...i maybe the creator/builder of the wall is a big fan of them so he took liberty to make giant ones and stick them on. he forgot to plant giant flowers in them though :) :)

  6. lwazi hlophe

    straight to the heart.

  7. sweetoof


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