Sands of times

Sands of times

Here the roads are sandy and the boys still harness their donkeys and make small delieveries for pocket money. Beyond lies the blue Soutpansbergs.


    Looks like they are pratically on the beach. You love your Sepia don't you?

  1. Khumbelo

    damn Ru... you take me back. home sweet home. one thing though, you don't wanna be walking on that sand barefooted in summer.


  2. Di1

    Ru u never ever disappoint!

  3. seilatsatsi

    lovely pic ru

  4. Stefanie Jason

    this is v. dope, where is tshiungani?
    it looks 'comfortable'

  5. rudzani

    Dan. I shoot B&W on film. I have struggled in the scanning phase to generate the contrast that I can in the darkroom. I don't know how to use photshop although I have it. Sepia is the only way I have to generate enough tonal range with reasonable contrast. I welcome suggestion to sort this predicament. In the darkroom, I am comfortable.
    Nina: Tshiungani is in the north eastern parts of Venda - maybe only a 100 km I think from the border with both Zimbwabwe and Mozambique. Come up I'll show you around:-)

  6. malindi

    TITE!! super!! i love it

  7. lwazi hlophe

    you tame there man i love

  8. Bareng Rakuba

    I dont know how to express my love 4 this piece.

  9. NguJaz


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