BMX Lovers

BMX Lovers

Weeks ago, as I was by the beach in Durban waiting for my friend, I saw these two bikers doing some tricks...I decided to approach them and nicely asked if I could take a shot of them...surpisingly the dude just came back from the Olympics games and he is a french professional biker and he won some major titles...was very lucky to get such a cool random shot...

01h30 Wednesday
24, October
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  • NIKON D90
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  1. gathondu

    Its very important to ask nicely

  2. Rey Mangouta

    lol indeed :-D

  3. Kunta Kinte

    I don't have words for this....

  4. Sheri_G

    I do... AWESOME!!!!

  5. Rey Mangouta



    You are too cool Rey

  6. Mxolisi twentySeven

    The angle is amazing. Loving this!

  7. NguJaz

    i enjoy the colouring

  8. Khumbelo


  9. Rey Mangouta

    thank you so much people :-D

  10. Gari Gaspar

    love the image, great location and subjects. like the angle so the sun is behind one of the subjects thus producing a great effect...

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