Sky Woman

Sky Woman

Sometimes the worst weather could actually be the best weather to photograph... On that day it was rainy, the rain would stop and start again now and then...this was shot before the massive rain actually started, the sky was just so dramatic as if God saw us shooting and  said " Use this !"... one flash, one subject with a nice dress and the image created will last forever...

21h00 Friday
28, September
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  • NIKON D3100
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  1. Sthe Ngcobo


  2. KB Mpofu

    I like.

  3. George Gladwin Matsheke

    Wow! Who is this Rey Mangouta?

  4. ªßè®

    Damn, your girls are the hottest! Damnit again!

  5. Kunta Kinte

    GGM now that's what I wanna know... This work is ill-est!!!

  6. caprisel

    Hello Rey, we love your composition and lighting. You have a great eye. :)

  7. Mpumelelo

    Too dope!!!!

  8. Nokulunga Msomi


  9. Kamogelo Mogashoa

    Love your shots man! so on point!

  10. Rey Mangouta

    thanks again Kamo !!!

  11. Thato Sehlabela

    Another gem!

  12. Sheri_G

    That sky is amazing, great shot Rey!

  13. Mxolisi twentySeven

    this. is. photography.

  14. Nanometa


  15. Rey Mangouta

    thank you everybody...thank you Miss Sheri :-D

  16. Thato Sehlabela

    And the heavens opened up... Nice Rey

  17. Khumbelo


  18. Jeff Rikhotso

    Your treatment is on its own level Ray, bow.

  19. Fluxd

    What is this monstrosity of beauty before me god damn !!!! pardon my french

  20. NguJaz


  21. King-K


  22. Kagiso 'Random Jizzle' Sibeko

    Its done!



  23. Mack Magagane


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